How To Get More Miles Per Gallon


If you want to know how to get more miles per gallon from your vehicle, here are some more tips to consider in your daily driving habits.

The benefits to you will all add up over a period of time saving you money at the petrol/gas station not to mention using less of the natural resource of oil.

If you are thinking of buying a vehicle in the near future, whether it’s a new or a second hand one, give careful consideration to the size of the engine and how good it will perform in terms of fuel efficiency.

The economy of motorised transport is now a real issue for a lot of people with the constant rising of gas/petrol prices, so a car that will return more miles per gallon than the average car is a welcome addition.

The price of crude oil has reached record levels and there seems no end to the situation, it can only get worse in the future and cost us even more.

Which ever car or truck that you currently drive, just consider this next bit in your daily driving to use a little less fuel for increasing your miles per gallon.

When starting your engine especially in the winter months, be sure to switch of electrical systems first which may have been left on from the last journey such as heated rear screens and radios. Also turn down your heater fan settings to a lower level.

These all place more strain on the battery for starting which could result in using up a little more fuel before the engine actually fires up. Of course there is more strain anyway in the winter as the cold, freezing temperatures make the engine tighter initially until it warms up.

So less current drawn from the battery for starting, means an engine that will fire up more easily so you can be on your way sooner. How to get more miles per gallon is a lot about intelligently adjusting our driving habits and utilising components that are available to us.


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